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The Xebra™ Pro Clinical Decision Search Engine Tackles Some of Medicine’s Greatest Inefficiencies

  • Doctors can spend only 7-12 minutes with each patient and ask only 50% of all questions they have
  • Only around 20% of medical practice is evidence-based
  • 20% of all diagnoses are wrong or tardy, and the main reason is human cognitive error
  • 30% of patients receive unnecessary care, tests, referrals, prescriptions, and procedures ($1 trillion in yearly waste)
  • Recommended care is given in only 55% of cases
  • 20% of Medicare patients are readmitted within 30 days

Just watch it in action! 


How We Solve Some of Healthcare’s Biggest Problems

How We Solve Some of Healthcare’s Biggest Problems
Our solution reduces premature closure
, the #1 cause of misdiagnosis and over-utilization.

Our Solution

Physician Cognition’s algorithmic technology was developed over
a period of several years by top clinicians – and now it’s outperforming them! We provide advanced medical decision-making systems for clinicians and insurers to use in real-time clinical workflows, including, critically, saving time by taking the patient’s whole story — whether in the waiting room or, better yet, in the most efficient pre-admission screening in the world: from their homes!

 Our differential diagnosis search engine uniquely applies the expert strategies of top clinicians. While common errors in critical thinking can be avoided by a checklist strategy, there is currently no solution but ours for preventing cognitive error
on any clinical scenario, novel or common. Our continually refined True Closure™ Workup Guides tell clinicians every symptom or medication to ask about, every physical sign to take, and every lab or other test to conduct. And that’s why our early users are so excited about taking their practice into the future of medicine.

Replicating the Methods and Expertise of Great Doctors

Replicating the Methods and Expertise of Great Doctors

Our algorithm aids practitioners in making diagnostic decisions from any given clinical scenario as if those decisions were being made by a team of top clinicians who have (1) unlimited time and resources and (2) total access to the sum of human medical knowledge. Clinicians can modify the algorithm’s clinical rules so that their wisdom can effectively be cloned – for time- and cost-saving triage and robust preliminary conclusions by nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. And it’s ideal for teaching nursing and medical students top-notch diagnosis with high levels of expertise and guidance.

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Here’s how the algorithm works. A user enters any number of symptoms, signs, or lab results. The algorithm then asks clarifying follow-up questions, as a doctor would, and recommends an evidence-based Workup Guide. Our technology is uniquely able to integrate all patient information, including that in Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. It considers data on, and complex relations among, not only over 1600 symptoms and synonyms, signs, and labs, but 4600 causes, 22,000 initial relations, 10,000 questions, 30,000 answers, 40,000 inferences, and over 1000 medications and interactions. Our Bayesian analysis and pattern recognition yield powerfully enlightening assessments of parent, intermediate, and child causes.
Our algorithm is unique in being able to calculate (1) disease probabilities based on factors such as symptom duration and presentation, geography, and context, as well as (2) the predictive value (aka usefulness and reimburse-ability) of all diagnostic tests. Add to the algorithms either our own free EHR, Sentiere™, or a user’s or partner’s own EHR, and you have the world’s most advanced decision-making EHR too


No other search engine or tool can dynamically generate and refine sophisticated differential diagnoses from any number of symptoms, signs, and labs, nor symptom duration, context, and presentation, much less location and medication side-effects. Yet the failure to do so is a recipe for premature closure.

Hand-Crafted by Doctors to Treat Individuals, Not Averages — Every feature in our algorithm is built by doctors. The algorithm is unique in mimicking the decision-making processes and cognitive strategies of top doctors. By contrast, predictive analytics tools use averages, which isn’t helpful for individual patients. Fever in Patient #1 could mean meningitis, but in Patient #2, the flu. There is no average. Our technology thinks like the clinician who must work with an individual patient and not an epidemiological average. It can interpret complex clinical data and give inferences found only among doctors with decades of experience. It also continuously learns from users, continually improving its own intelligence!

Hand-Crafted by Doctors to Treat Individuals, Not Averages

Real-Time Use by Clinicians. Our technology can be used in real-time clinical practice, on patients, by doctors and nurses – not to mention by patients facilitating triage from home. And our individual algorithms are all transparent, so that clinicians can meaningfully agree or disagree with their decisions and inferences – and train them to greater accuracy.

Real-Time Use by Students. Our technology can be used by medical, nursing, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and pharmacy students for powerful medical education.



– Intelligent Differential Diagnosis

Embed in your EHR for comprehensive, real-time clinical decision support system for medical professionals
Use our data, inferences, and clinical rules, or teach the system — and your nurses, PAs, and NPs — your own!
Hospitals, clinics, ACOs and IDNs, concierge practices, solo MDs, independent nurse practitioners, students


– EMR with integrated algorithm that thinks like a doctor 24/7

Integrated with our differential diagnosis solution, it’s an Intelligent Electronic Medical Record Small and non-U.S. hospitals and clinics, concierge practices, solo MDs, independent nurse practitioners Lay users


– Accurate, actionable health info for lay healthcare consumers

Real-time differential diagnosis and a plan (with personal health record) for individuals and families All users of web-connected devices


– The Gold Standard for what a clinician should do

Which tests and procedures should be covered by insurance? Insurance companies


– Our Application Programming Interface

Powering unparalleled diagnostic search and interpretation of device data EHR providers
Symptom checkers
Insurance company websites
Health-related websites and apps


Returning the Future of Medicine to Doctor-Patient Interaction

Doctors are just getting busier. Shortages of physicians around the world, combined with mandates to integrate insurance guidelines, perform EHR data entry, and take detailed notes, give doctors little time to hear a patient’s story, to ask all scientifically relevant questions, and to do comprehensive research on a patient’s condition — or conditions.

There are over 540 potential causes of chest pain alone, and it’s been estimated that specialists would need to read 160 hours a week to keep up with new developments. Yet humans can only hold in mind about 7 variables at a time. And as Nobelist Daniel Kahneman has shown, humans are terrible at probabilistic thinking.

Our mission is to help doctors to be the best diagnosticians and caregivers they can possibly be. That’s why we take a patient’s whole story even before the doctor arrives, generate comprehensive differential diagnoses, and automatically create notes in the normal course of the clinical workflow.  We free up doctors’ time and cognitive energy for what they do best: listening, watching, touching, expressing compassion, reassuring, motivating — in short, healing. We make it all possible by allowing computers and algorithms to do what they do best, capturing all relevant data from a patient, whether in your exam room, waiting room, or before the patient even leaves home.

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Xebra™ Pro: Even More Than Next-Generation Clinical Decision Support

  • Get maximum confidence from the most complete differential diagnosis engine in the world
  • Use our True Closure™ Workup Guides to prevent both premature closure (#1 cause of misdiagnosis) and over-utilization
  • See more patients – at lower cost and with no loss of quality – or just increase your work-life balance
  • Got nurses, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants? Xebra™ Pro can turn your brain into algorithms that extend your own expertise and clinical rules to your team!
  • Save hours per day on data entry and notes – we record most of the entire diagnostic conversation for you!
  • Increase quality time spent with your patients – and get higher satisfaction ratings
  • Increase patient engagement and accountability for their own education and healthcare
Even More Than Next-Generation Clinical Decision Support

Physician Cognition: The Future of Evidence-Based Medicine is Now™

What if you had unlimited time to talk to your patients, and instant access to all medical literature? Our doctor-created solutions blend the cognition of great doctors — such as pattern recognition and Bayesian analysis — with every checklist, algorithm, and inference you could find in more time-consuming resources like textbooks and guidelines. We’ve stirred all that into our patent-pending special sauce to craft the most advanced clinical decision search engine in the world.

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So Powerful, All Nurse Practitioners Can Work at the Top of Their Licenses

Physician Cognition’s technology empowers nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to practice at a much higher level — high enough to merit an expansion of their practice! — more productively, and with more job satisfaction.

With our algorithms:

Nurses can triage and even resolve most patients’ issues while the patient is in the waiting room, or even at home, according to the clinic’s own pre-installed clinical rules

Doctors – and independent NPs – can spend less time gathering and entering information – and more time with difficult cases. And they can see more patients per day

Hospitals Can Do More With Less Expensive Practitioners

Now, any non-MD provider can deliver sophisticated, evidence-based differential diagnoses and workup plans – at a fraction of the cost

Primary care physicians or nurse practitioners need only verify those recommendations

Hospitals can save around $300K/year for every 50 patients seen per day

Physician Cognition

Superior medical answers for individuals and families. Give your doctor your ENTIRE story and get faster, more accurate results

  • Get the most comprehensive and accurate medical answers available anywhere
  • All your symptoms, all possible health conditions and medication side-effects, all at once!
  • For yourself and your entire family - and like any search engine, it's free!
Superior medical answers for individuals and families

Xebra™ Advocate™ – Your Advocate in Healthcare

Navigating the healthcare system can be a frustrating, frightening, and stressful experience.

The Xebra™ Advocate™ differential diagnosis search engine is the world's most advanced source of actionable medical information. It will give you the knowledge and information you need to make care decisions for yourself and your family. Xebra offers more than just expert -- and free -- second opinions.

Get empowering answers to all your questions, in seconds:

  • What condition or conditions do I likely have?
  • How soon should I see a doctor? Could a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant handle it?
  • What information should I make sure he or she gathers?
  • Do I need any tests? Which ones are likely?
  • What tests should I probably not have because they won’t help the diagnosis (but will cost money or even harm me)?
Get empowering answers to all your questions

Plus, we’ll give you a free personal health record!

It will help you and our diagnostics keep track of your full medical history – the only way to ensure accurate and timely notification of emerging health problems. Ready to be among the first users of our revolutionary technology?